Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old Photos

I found these going though my pictures the other day, and I thought I would post them before I decided I didn't like them anymore. I have got to be better about blogging! I don't dislike it. I just hate editing photos. But here these were, all ready to go, and I forgot about them. Ah well. Better late then never. I have several shoots that I need to get up. (Yes, Halloween will be up soon. I need to retrieve the photos from my friend. Same with my vacation)

I really like this outfit, and wore it a ton this summer. It was light, comfy, and combined stripes and florals which I adore.

Check out my sexy, white, bruised legs. This was taken late July, early August. This is as tan as I get.

Shirt:Walmart ($1!)
Skirt: Vintage Gap
Shoes:Ann Taylor
Necklace: Corvidae (my new line! More news on this very soon)


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