Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I know I'm not the only girl who is simply dieing for real fall weather. Here in Charlotte, it is approaching. Slowly. I will catch a waft of chilly air in an otherwise balmy breeze and can't help but smile. Inspiration to play with warmer colors and multiple layers has hit me hard. I went shopping yesterday(more for looking than buying as one needs money for the later), but for the most part I was disappointed. I was underwhelmed. Particularly by American Apparel. I always get it in my head that they are the holy grail of easy to wear basics. Yet every time i enter the premises I am disappointed. Their t-shirts are great. And they have ok leggings. Beyond that, everything is pretty much cheeply made over priced whore clothes. Except their tights. I need a few of them. Bad. But i digress.
I went in solely to find this skirt. Homerun Ballerina. Love this girl's Blog.
What i found was cheaply constructed, unflattering, and completely see though. All for the low price tag of $30. For some reason it looks lovely on these ladies. I dunno.
I think i'm going to turn all my shopping energies toward the vintage, handmade, and local world. I really should be mostly doing this anyway but F21, Marshalls, and Urban's clearence are so cheap. So i'm going to challenge myself to make 80% of my fall purchaces fit within these restraints. I'll be happier for it. I'll start by telling you about a local girl and a fellow Etsyian (and fellow blogger. She is featured above) I'm kinda obsessing over. I am having a fit over all her lovely knitwear, but especially her Bubble Berets. I WANT ONE. They may (probably will) be an upcoming purchase. I also love her Colorblock Cowl! So pretty!

And BONUS(!) she is from Colombia,SC. Like an hour from here! SO excited. What an excellent place to begin my mission.

Luv, Vanessa*

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  1. thanks miss!

    i'm with you on american apparel. i go in there and usually get one or two things, but always end up having trouble with them! if i get something brightly colored and wash it something funny usually happens to the dye and color - like maybe it wasn't set properly in the first place - and the piece is ruined. that happened with that same skirt there, too. i do like their plain solid non extremely tight racerback dresses, but you can get those on amazon for 12 bucks or so if you do a search for american apparel dress. leggings cheaper there, too. and well, a lot of the other older stuff. so go amazon. although your idea to go vintage and handmade is a lot better. i'm trying to enact a shopping ban or at least restriction of some sort myself - i just need to think it through first :)