Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I've Got Cat Class and I've Got Cat Style(Fated to Pretend 7)

Of all the costumes I did, I actually felt a teeny bit guilty about this one. I have definitely dressed as a cat for Halloween before ( I bet I was 10 or 11), and it's one of the most abused drunk sorrori-slut costumes.  The only thing that got me past that was how Purr-fectly it came together. (sorry)
I opted for less of an actual black cat and more of a Lolita Cat Girl. Much less smeary face paint that way.

I made the ears the same way I made my Devil horns and Pumpkin fascinator. Felt and elmers glue makes up quick, cheap, and easy accessories.  I actually wish I had spent more time putting them together and made them a teeny bit better. They looked ok, but I know I could have done way better quality and cuter, and I don't like that feeling.

We decided to go to Scarowinds that night to see my hetero life mate and my little sis (both of them were working there) The Scare force had a blast yelling things like "Eat Kitty Cat" all night long. I'm so glad I gave them such an easy target.

Yes. I am wearing a giant jingle bell around my neck. Yes. It was annoyong to all those around me. Yes. It did get me into trouble in the Haunted mazes. It is a dollar store xmas door hanger that I disassembled and painted black. When added to a string of gigantic black glass I was pretty happy with the results. I need to get a real shot of my Bad Ass bracelet. I am wicked proud of that thing.

Ears, Bell Necklace: DIY
Jacket: Thrifted Little Boy's
Dress: (belive it or not) Forever 21
Crinoline:Hot Topic
Shoes:Urban Outfitters

I'm keeping 'em rolling so keep checking back!