Friday, March 26, 2010

Hendersonville, the epic jouney part three (the greehouse)

Now I know why people photograph flowers all the time. It's so easy to get a shot that is usable and beautiful. Plus, Macro. Hell yes.
I always have to photograph myself when I do my outfit shots. It's a little bit that I'm a control freak, and a little bit that I don't have anyone else to do it. If I could convince my boyfriend to take them we almost never see each other during daylight. So it was kinda a treat to have my Mom to shoot a couple of shots that my tripod just couldn't get to. All the ones in the little vignettes were shot my her. Yay Mom!

This was so cool that I climbed up into the little enclosure it hung in to get photos. I'm glad none of the staff saw me. I doubt they would have been pleased.

It was a good deal smaller than it looks. No bigger than a clementine orange. I just loved the creepy fingers it had.

Cute little fishsies!
Adorable orange dot.
Look out little black fish! The terrible dwelling doll will such your soul! Seriously though, this was beyond creepy. I don't know why they put it in.
I had a blast taking photos in here. I think we were in there nearly an hour. A big thanks to my Grandpa for being patient even though he was hungry.

I swear these posts are almost over.


  1. WHY is there a terrifying baby-face in the pond? that would have given me a heart attack...